Who are we?


ExpressMed Laboratories is a pathology laboratory based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that provides services to hospitals, clinics, private practices, and research facilities.

ExpressMed Laboratories main laboratory is a four-story building located in Zinj area and each floor is dedicated from specialized laboratory as follow:

  • 1st floor: Electron Microscopy Laboratory
  • 2nd floor: Clinical Pathology Laboratory
  • 3rd floor: Genomics and Molecular Laboratory
  • 4th floor: Anatomical Pathology Laboratory

Each laboratory is equipped with well-known specialized equipment and operated by highly skilled specialized personnel. Additionally, each laboratory is equipped with a back-up system to ensure smooth and sustainable operation of the laboratory all times.

Our Mission

Enable physicians make the best treatment plan
for their patients by providing rapid & reliable lab results.

Our Vision

To provide superior laboratory solutions
& opening new horizons to develop patient's treatment plan.

Our Team

Our Team consist of top selected professionals that can provide you with the top notched care and services.