Histo/Cyto Pathology

We provide you with a complete anatomic pathology studies that exceeds your expectations with our highly experienced pathologists.




Featured Services

  • Specimens are processed at ExpressMed Labs according to CAP and RCPATH standards.
  • Pathologic reports are issued by our consultants pathologists.
  • 80% of reports within 24-48 hours.
  • Reports are available online,email, or fax.
  • PAP smear (Liquid Based Cytology).
  • Fine needle aspiration in our clinic.
  • Direct immunoflorescence.
  • B- and T- Cell clonality testing for lymphoid lesions (Coming Soon).
  • In Situ Hybridization (FISH & CISH).
  • Second opinion from our international expert panel.
  • Clinician-Pathologist communication via email or mobile (7 days/week).
  • Digital photos of the microscopy are included in the report.

Technical Services

  • Routine grossing.
  • Tissue processing.
  • Embedding.
  • Microtomy.
  • Frozen Section.
  • Staining (routine, Special and immnuohistochemical staining).

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